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EZ FLV to Audio Converter 1.0

Converts video files and extracts their audio streams
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EZ FLV to Audio Converter is a software tool whose main aim is to extract audio streams from Flash Video (.FLV) files and save them in some of the most popular audio formats, such as MP3, WMA, WAV, and Ogg. However, the program is, in fact, a complete video conversion tool that permits you both to transform video files from one format to another and extract their audio streams.

The program's interface is very friendly and intuitive: it presents a set of easily identifiable buttons on the top side of the window that allows you to, among other things, add one or more source audio and video files, edit the file information, select the range to convert and the ID Tags, and remove previously added files. Here you can also access some additional tools included with this program, like an audio recorder, a CD burner, and an AVS creator, which allows you to add some special effects to your resulting video files.

An additional feature allows you to write and keep notes - to help you remember any specific details about a file that otherwise you might easily forget. The toolbar in question also allows you to open the program's Options window and access the help file. The source files you add are displayed in rows, and there is a lateral panel that displays the specific properties of the selected media file. Below that panel, there are additional buttons that facilitate tasks like adding new files, marking or unmarking all files, moving a specific file upwards, downwards or to the first or last place, editing the item, and playing it back with the program's media player.

Finally, the program allows you to pick a destination folder for the converted files, and select the target audio or video format. It is very important to mention that EZ FLV to Audio Converter also lets you change the default output settings for every possible destination format, and, for example, select a different audio and video codec, file name format, video resolution, aspect and rate, audio sample rate and the number of channels, etc. You are also allowed to save your customized set of parameters with a name for later use.

As you can see, EZ FLV to Audio Converter is actually a very comprehensive media conversion tool, though with very limited functionality in its trial version: the trial version of this program allows you to use it for 14 days only, and converts or extracts just 80% of the selected source media file(s). Its full functionality may turn out very useful for anybody willing to pay for it.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Friendly and intuitive interface
  • Easy to use
  • A set of built-in tools
  • Allows you to create your own set of destination parameters and save it for later use


  • 14-day trial
  • Registration window opens every time you run the trial program
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